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AX-Power battery charger | 20 volts

AX-Power battery charger | 20 volts

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Rapidly Charge Your AX-Power 20-Volt Batteries with this Fast Charger

If you have frequent DIY projects and refurbishments that you want to tackle quickly, then the AX-Power fast charger is the perfect solution. With this charger, you can quickly charge your 20-volt AX-Power batteries, allowing you to get to work right away.

LED Indicator for Real-Time Information

The fast charger features a convenient LED indicator that provides real-time information about the battery's charging status. This way, you'll know exactly when the battery is fully charged and ready to use.

Charge 4.0 Ah in Just 1 Hour

The AX-Power fast charger charges your batteries at a rate of 4.0 Ah per hour. This means that your 20-volt batteries will be fully charged and ready to use in just 1 hour.

Optimal Performance with AX-Power Batteries

Use the 2.0 Ah AX-Power battery and the powerful 4.0 Ah AX-Power battery to achieve optimal performance from your FERM tools. With the fast charger, you'll have a fully charged battery at hand in no time, allowing you to quickly get back to work. Order your AX-Power fast charger now from our online shop!

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