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4-in-1 backlight gaming kit

4-in-1 backlight gaming kit

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Enhance Your Gaming Experience with the 4-in-1 Gaming Kit!

Take on the battle with our complete 4-in-1 Gaming Kit, consisting of a keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and gaming headset. This kit is specially designed to elevate your gaming performance and immerse you in an immersive gaming world.

Enjoy Colorful "Rainbow" LED Lighting in Your Gaming Setup!

Let your gaming setup shine with the striking "Rainbow" LED lighting on the keyboard, mouse, and headset. Create a unique atmosphere and give your gaming station a stylish and colorful look that perfectly matches your gaming style.

Optical 6-button mouse with adjustable resolution for precision and control!

With the optical 6-button mouse in this kit, you have control over your movements in the game. Adjust the resolution between 800 and 2400 dpi for accurate tracking and quick responses. Dominate your opponents with precision and achieve victory in every game.

Gaming headset with microphone and integrated volume control for an immersive sound experience!

Communicate clearly with your teammates and enjoy immersive sound while gaming with the comfortable gaming headset. The headset features a microphone and an integrated volume control in the cord, allowing you to easily adjust the sound without interrupting your gameplay.

Durable mouse pad with stitched edge finishing for smooth movements!

Make use of the durable mouse pad with dimensions of 300 x 250 mm. The stitched edge finishing ensures long-lasting durability and prevents fraying. Enjoy smooth and precise movements, whether you're using a high DPI setting or making quick flick shots.

Upgrade your gaming experience with the versatile 4-in-1 Gaming Kit. With a combination of high-quality equipment and striking LED lighting, this kit takes your gaming setup to the next level and enables you to dominate in every game.

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